We consider each patient as an indivisible and unique totality. That’s why since the first consult we address physical, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in order to find the best path to your healing.

We approach our treatments from our main pillar, Ayurveda, as well as working in tandem with other disciplines and sources of knowledge- from which we take the best tools as a way to deepen into the root of the arising problem/symptom.
The body usually alerts us to our lack of inner balance and that is where we observe, listen and focus sensibly and cautiously. The treatments to follow are determined according to the needs and desires of each person - identifying the biotype/dosha and its disequilibrium. There is no treatment equal to another one. .
The consultant in charge is a guide and a companion in the path of self-knowledge and healing. Different tools will be offered to the person Iike healing habits to incorporate in daily life and deepen into. The spirit of this offering is to aid everyone to develop a healthy self-esteem, a clear judgement and a profound reflection in every sense..